Introducing Erbion

Erbion is a platform for teaching Chemistry in secondary school level. Built with React.js.

The pupils must see the chemical world through macroscopic, subatomic, and symbolic points of view.

To solve some of these problems, I am introducing Erbion. Erbion is a web platform for augmenting chemistry teaching with interactive chemical simulations and experiences. Erbion is structured around two separate modes of learning. The first, called “lesson mode” consists of bite-sized interactive lessons (2–10 mins) centred around a single topic or theory. The lessons are designed to be given out as an extra, fun homework that revises the topics studied in the previous lesson or introduces next lesson’s topics. They can also be used to revise concepts before exams. A “challenge mode” is a free-form game where students are free to combine any chemical compounds they want and see what happens!



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Ville Kuosmanen

I care about digital products that improve our lives. Software Engineer at a crypto startup.