Think small

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New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. Here’s how setting a theme for 2020 shaped the year, and what my theme for 2021 will be.

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Sports Analytics

Building predictions with a model, data pipelines and a Monte Carlo simulation

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A graduate software engineer and two-time intern shares his experience

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Erbion is a platform for teaching Chemistry in secondary school level. Built with React.js.

Centralised digital currency is coming, it won’t look like Bitcoin, and it will change the world

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How explainable recommendations can help you discover new insights.

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I also tested whether users actually liked them. Here’s the results.

How a recommendation and its explanation were shown to users in the application. Image by Ville Kuosmanen

An introduction into explainable recommender systems

Marketplaces, both online and offline, are full of items you can buy. Photo by Zaria Wright on Unsplash

We need an exit strategy, and we must be realistic about it.

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Ville Kuosmanen

I care about making digital products to improve the lives of real people.

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